Attention: Coronavirus Disease Coronavirus Prevention!

Attention: Coronavirus Disease Prevention!

We are facing a very dangerous pandemic, which is the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). This is caused by the newly discovered strain of coronavirus and the symptoms to this include dry cough, fever, and respiratory problems as it complicates further. The vaccine or medications for this is yet to be discovered. So, here are some tips to help you in reducing your risk of contracting it:

  • Observe social distancing.

    It is recommended by the professionals to always maintain our distance with each other for at least six feet. This will reduce our risk of being contaminated with the virus in case others have it.

  • Wash your hands regularly.
    Washing your hands with antibacterial soap is one of the most effective methods of reducing our risk to it. We should remember to wash and rub our hands for at least 20 seconds to secure killing these viruses!
  • Take additional supplements.
    It is also important to strengthen your immunity by taking prescribed supplements/vitamins. If you have some allergies to specific medicines, you can go to any compounding pharmacy in California to help you!
  • Wear protective gear.
    Wearing face masks is also important, especially when you are running important errands or working in the hospital. It also reduces your exposure to the virus! You can purchase any protective gear like masks in any pharmacy in Palm Desert!

These are some friendly reminders from your trusted provider of travel medicine in Palm Desert, California, Medville Pharmacy! Stay safe and proactive always.

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