Knowing the Right Information

Knowing the Right Information

With the age of technology today, we are capable of accessing different information from the internet. However, we should remember that not everything we can read is accurate. That is why we should be able to know the difference between fake news and real news to avoid panic and hysteria. Here are some tips to help:

  • Read from reliable sources.
    We should only trust those that are shared and given by our different government offices and local or international news stations. There are also certified NGOs that provide us with reliable information, which is accessible through different social media.
  • Check with the experts.
    Double-checking the known information with the expert/s on that specific field is also essential. We can talk to them on our way to a pharmacy in Palm Desert while riding a bus, or through a phone call.
  • Research and read more!
    Let us take advantage of the internet and research on the recent updates or topics spread online to verify if it’s true or not. We can also read newspapers or browse through our mobile phones as we wait for our turn in the supermarkets, bus terminals, or compounding pharmacies in Palm Desert.

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