Travel Medicine: 3 Things to Know Before Going Abroad

Travel Medicine: 3 Things to Know Before Going Abroad

Are you about to have your family or business trip abroad? Make sure that you enjoy your time without encountering a health problem with the help of your local, trusted Medville Pharmacist who specializes in Travel Medicine.

Prepare for a more memorable trip by doing these things:

  1. Meet with your travel medicine provider
    Schedule to see a health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. Getting your vaccines, travel medications, supplies you might need, and comprehensive information about the area you will be visiting from a reputable travel medicine specialist like Medville Pharmacy in Palm Desert will ensure you’re in good condition before going to a different place or country.
  2. Know what vaccine you might need
    There are three kinds of vaccines for travel, such as: required, recommended, and routine. A certified pharmacist can recommend and give you the right vaccines and travel medications for your specific needs.
  3. Visit your healthcare provider if you have an illness
    If you are dealing with a disease like heart disease, diabetes, or HIV, we strongly advise that you seek counsel from your healthcare provider before your trip. Your certified pharmacist at Medville Pharmacy can also counsel you about your health condition, and provide you with the tools you might need for a safe vacation.

If you require additional information, you are more than welcome to give us a call here at Medville Pharmacy. Dial 760-636-0647 on your phone anytime at your convenience. We are here to help you have a healthy and safe trip.

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