Our focus is on the delivery of quality individualized health care through our pharmacy services, such as travel medicine, immunizations, vitamins and supplements, birth control.

pharmacist holding a box of medicine

Medville Pharmacy is a retail and compounding pharmacy that also provides travel health medicine in Palm Desert, California. We provide complete health care, specializing in the provision of individualized nutraceuticals and vitamins, depending on patient conditions, also travel medications and vaccinations, birth control medications, and more.

Our staff members are all well trained in the pharmaceutical field. We have licensed pharmacists who dedicate their time and expertise in helping you gain understanding of your medications and general health. Our entire team is devoted to providing great customer service and patient experience to our customers, no matter who they may be.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help members of our community achieve their personal health goals and obtain overall wellness by specializing in guidance with complex health problems and promoting individualized health care.

We can’t wait to welcome you in our pharmacy. Visit us or call 760-636-0647 to know more about how we can team up with you for your good health.